Let’s say you get really bad service from an airline employee?  What should you do?  Obviously, you should file a complaint!  Right?

But, if you need to record the employee’s name, you might not want to take a picture of their nametag.  These days, if you are in an airport, you probably are holding your cell phone in your hand, trying to get some customer service, playing Angry Birds to while away the time before the flight leaves, or trying, frantically, at the last minute, to try to find a replacement babysitter.  It might be tempting to snap a picture of the offending name tag, rather than digging out a pen and paper so you can write the name.

According to United Airlines, though, if you do photograph an airline employee, you could be banned from the airline forever!  Read this article that explains the problem, as well as the conflicting responses airlines have.

It’s pretty funny that you can take a picture of a TSA agent, but you can’t take a picture of a flight attendant.

Just’ sayin….