No looking at the prices.  No consideration of practicality.  No language barriers.  Just my top 10, without any intensive travel planning or analysis.

10)  Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.  I was surprised to realize that Africa IS on my dream list.  I would love to take pictures of lions and rhinoceros.  I’d want to stay at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, of course.

9)  Iceland.   I’m fascinated by volcanoes and ocean and glaciers.  Perhaps I’d stay at the Glymur Resort.

8 )  The Lake District in England.  I did stop by here briefly in 1985, but it was a very brief visit.  I’d like to spend more time hiking here.  Back in the day, we stayed in hotels and guesthouses.  But this area boasts a number of country estates that might make one feel as if she were a main character in a Merchant and Ivory film.  Can it get more British than the Merewood Country House Hotel?

7)  Santorini, Greece.  I’ve wanted to go here since seeing Summer Lovers in 1982, and it had nothing to do with Peter Gallagher.  I’d probably look for a family hotel–maybe something like the SeaSide Beach Hotel and Apartments.

6)  Loire Valley, France.   I went to France in 1984, and saw some chateaux, but I did not see Chenonceau or Amboise.  There are a few ways to see this area, one of the most intriguing, by barge.   Hey, we’re dreaming, right?  Hotels are plentiful, expensive and charming, if not pristine.  No hotel gets universal accolades on Trip Advisor, but the reviewers seem to like Hotel Le Manoir les Minimes.  It’s hard to object to its location at the foot of Amboise.

5)  Key Largo, Florida, United States.  I LOVED the movie Key Largo with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.  At its most simple level, it’s a gangster film, but deep down it’s about safety and friendship.   Budget Travel lists Azul Del Mar as an affordable beach resort.  It certainly looks like someplace I’d enjoy staying.

4) Ireland.  This wasn’t even on my list until I saw a travel special about Northern Ireland.  I realized that I had to see The Giant’s Causeway before I died.   I would probably stay at a bed and breakfast, maybe the Cottesmore Bed and Breakfast.

3)  Alaska.  After much consideration, I’ve decided that my dream vacation to Alaska is a small ship cruise.  I want to touch the glaciers.

2)  St. Petersburg, Russia.  I want to see The Hermitage.  It’s not just the more than 1,000,000 pieces of art the museum holds, it’s the fact that St. Petersburg was the home of Peter the Great and vitally important to the Russian Revolution.  I can’t recommend any hotels, but the Alexander House evokes the feeling of a romance novel.

1)  Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I’m cheating.  That’s two destinations.  But, my absolute number one dream vacation would be a cruise from Buenos Aires to Rio on Silversea.