Last night, as I was talking to a friend, I realized that I have another travel dream list.   There are some experiences that can only be experienced with a specific person.

For example, I want to see my husband Tom and our friend Mark duke it out at Disney World’s Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.   Mark has that sense of adventure that makes the idea of Disney fun.  When he and Tom are together, they’re like boys in a clubhouse, planning to take over the world.

I want to visit my friends Dave and Noelle in Belize.   Belize is actually someplace I want to go independently, but it would make it especially wonderful to be able hang with these wonderful people.

I want to go ghost-hunting with my friend Karin at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.  It would be a bonus if my friend Chris could fly us down in his baby plane.

When my parents were first married, they lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I would love to go on a photography tour of New Mexico with my brother, Ken.   My brother was born in Las Vegas, and it was always a place my mother enjoyed returning to.   It would be fun to find old Las Vegas.  We’d eat at the Peppermill, take a look at the Fremont Street Experience (and the historic Las Vegas scene living underneath), and take a tour at the Neon Museum.   To honor our father, we’d visit the Atomic Testing Museum, since he worked at the nuclear test sites near Las Vegas when Mom and Dad lived there.

Finally, I want to take a couples cruise with my friends Cath and Amanda.  It would be a great way to reconnect without abandoning our husbands.  This one might be the most difficult of all the trips to arrange, since it requires managing time off for two business, three jobs, and one toddler.  I don’t know how families organize those big week-long getaways!