Previously, I mentioned that Tom and I are going to Hawaii (Big Island), this September.  When I booked our trip on Travelocity, I was unable to book our car at the same time due to some weird glitch on Travelocity’s site.   I was running into a similar problem on Expedia.

When I went back to look for a car rental later, the price of car rentals was 50% higher than I was quoted when I booked our package.   Originally, I was quoted a price of $127 for a week-long rental.  Immediately thereafter, I was quoted $191. That was not acceptable.  I decided to see what happened if I waited.

For the last month, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for car rental values.  I checked for discounts and online coupons.  The lowest rate I found was $14.95 a day.  Until this week.

Monday, the car rental rate on Hotwire was $13.95 a day.  This was a blind, prepaid rental, which works just fine if you have a fixed itinerary.  I almost booked.

I’m glad I didn’t.

Today, the rental rate was $9.95 per day.  I saved $28 by waiting two days.   I don’t think the cost can get much lower, so, I jumped on it.

I got this good rate by:

1)  Waiting;

2)  Watching for rate reductions;

3)  Looking for coupons and promotions;

4)  Booking the least expensive car (I almost always get an upgrade);

5)  Taking a risk that I might be renting from Brand X (it turned out to be Alamo); and

6)  Prepaying.

Now, if I can just figure out how to get from one end of the island to the other without violating my rental car contract by driving on the Saddle Road.  (It’s probably a good idea to avoid driving up a mountain in a Chevy Aveo).