So, I had to take a short break from you all while I tried to make a living at my day job.  I do have a funny story about work, but it’s too long for a blog.  I may self-publish it on CreateSpace, if I can figure out how to do so without getting sued.  In the meantime, I haven’t been able to pursue my travel passion.

Now, that the stress of the situation is past, I realize that one of the things that got me through was thinking about that amazing vacation I have scheduled for later this month.  Thank goodness!  Hallelujah!

This vacation I need to spend some considerable time developing a plan for stress reduction.  My day job is a killer.   That is a topic I can probably devote some time to on this blog.

I ran across this article about flying vs. driving.  And while the author’s algorithm is different than mine, there’s some good points about driving that I might have missed in my prior post.   Enjoy!