Some good discounts available at RIU resorts through Funjet.  These deals are only good until Thursday noon.

RIU offers a good all-inclusive value.  The prices are generally far lower than Secrets or Sandals.  Generally, Trip Advisor reviews suggest that the food isn’t as good.  I’m hoping to take an all inclusive vacation next year, so I’ll let you know what I find.

I doubt I’ll be booking it during this flash sale, but it’s not because these are not some good prices.  I just don’t have time to truly research destinations right now.

I haven’t talked about the all inclusive option.  With an all inclusive resort, the nightly fee covers the cost of the room, food, most beverages, entertainment and (usually) most tips.   Extra fees usually apply for spas, transportation, and day trips.

This type of vacation’s value depends largely on the quality of the resort, especially the food options, and whether you are the type of person who will mind eating most of your meals at the resort.   The quality of all inclusive resorts vary wildly. Some resorts may have minimal room furnishings and their idea of dinner may be a taco bar.  You might have a fabulous vacation at one of these value resorts, but only if your vacation style accepts taco bars and minimal furnishings.

Similarly, back in the day, I loved to scope out restaurants that would provide me with some cultural insight.  If you eat out every night, it is unlikely that you will find much value in an all-inclusive resort.

In 1985, my parents took me to Montego Bay, Jamaica over my spring break.  We stayed at a very small, modest tennis resort on the hill.  Our room was extremely bare (think 70’s motel room), but there was air conditioning, and the room was clean.   There was a small pool, and four tennis courts.  The highlight of the vacation was the food at the resort.    I didn’t understand this was an all-inclusive resort.  It seemed weird that no one ever provided us with a bill, and I wondered how Dad was going to pay for it all.  We took a couple of side trips, and I loved learning about Jamaica.  We also ate the most amazingly hot jerk, and I sampled some Red Stripe (which is good with jerk).   Mom and I were intimidated by the market, but I did get some good deals on stuff.

It was only later that I realized that our resort had been all-inclusive.  If I told you how much we paid for this vacation,  you wouldn’t believe it.  In fact, I don’t really believe we got so much for so little.

I do know that resort no longer exists.  People want to stay on the beach.  They want luxury.  They want great food and amazing amenities.  There isn’t much room for the small family owned value resort.