Thus far, my favorite Caribbean island is St. Lucia.  It’s hyper-exotic, down-to-earth, and amazingly beautiful.  The food is a Caribbean infused creole.  The island is a mixture of rain forest, volcano and beach.  It’s lusher than Hawaii, and less touristy than Barbados.

It’s usually a fairly expensive destination.  Contributing to the cost of travel are the fact that many of the resorts that advertise in the United States fall into the luxury category.  An additional factor is that airfare has not been cheap.

This week’s deal is a moderate all-inclusive resort called Smuggler’s Cove. It’s in Cap Estate, which is on the extreme northern edge of the island.  You will have a scary ride to get there, since last year’s hurricane damaged many of the roads.   Trip Advisor reviews are all over the place for this resort.   Common themes are ants in the room and front desk service problems.   For $89 a night, I think I can handle that.  One person blamed their children’s colds on the pool.   Another seemed to expect five star service for $89 a night.

I keep referring to the fact that this deal is $89 a night, because that includes food, beverage, lodging, alcohol and entertainment.   That’s a lot of value.

You can find the deal on TravelZoo, which will direct you to Cheap Caribbean, where you can also find relatively good deals with airfare.  Book by November 11th, and a three night stay is required.