I noticed that friends have been traveling in New York City, so this week’s deal is in honor of their safe travels.

$99 Midtown Manhattan Hotel, from January 2- February 29.  The hotel is the Hotel Thirty-Thirty.  Midtown isn’t a bad neighborhood to hang your hat on a trip to New York.  It’s fairly centrally located, and there’s a lot going on.  This hotel is about a mile from Times Square (despite the website saying it’s only “blocks” away).  On the other hand, it’s spitting distance to the Empire State Building.

Okay, so it’s centrally located, but is it any good?  Well, that depends on what you want out of a New York hotel.  It’s an older property, and the rooms are going to be very small (probably under 200 square feet).  The hotel has been newly renovated.  Trip Advisor reviews are all over the place, but the more recent reviews (post-renovation) are fairly positive.  I’d stay here, although Tom would probably prefer a hotel somewhere in the Village (his old stomping grounds).

Is it a good deal?  In a word, yes.  You can get a better deal in New York, but it’s not easy.  Often, less expensive hotels in New York have near hostel-like accommodations.  On our last trip to New York City, I couldn’t find a hotel less than $149 a night, and ended up with accommodations in New Jersey.  That was fine, but it was a bit of a jaunt into the City.