Every travel blogger has a post suggesting gifts for the traveler.  These are the items that I have actually added to my own Amazon gift list.

1)  External Cell Phone Battery Pack.  $26.99 from PowerGen.  It occurred to me that one of my major life problems is that when I need my cell phone the most, it is often not powered up.  This is especially problematic when I’m traveling, since travel requires extensive connectivity (at least the way I do it).

2)  Compact Camera Bag.  $70 from Crumpler (4 Million Dollar Home).  I like to walk light once I’m at my destination.  My normal camera bag is a good one.  It’s a backpack, which I find extremely useful for travel and for photography expeditions. However, most of the time, I just need my camera, an extra lens, and a few filters.  And a backpack is just too heavy to carry around all day long.

3)  Sleep Phones.  $39.99 from AcousticSheep.   I hate earbuds.  They hurt your ears, and they fall out too easily.   These look soft and I like the concept for air travel, where you don’t have a lot of room to store the giant noise cancelling head phones.  Sometimes, I have problems sleeping during travel, and I like to use a hypnosis program to help me sleep.  It’s hard to get super relaxed when your earphones keep falling out.

4)  Book Light.  $14.99 from Mighty Bright (PocketFlex LED).  Most hotels have reasonable bedside lighting, but have you ever had to read a map or directions in a dark car?  Interior car lights are just not bright enough!   I also find that when you are traveling with someone else, they appreciate it when you can minimize the amount of ambient  light you need while they are sleeping.

5)  Hair Towel.  $20 from Aquis.  I travel without a hair dryer, and although I don’t mind using the hotel hair dryers, they are seriously under powered.  A few years ago, Tom and I took an overnight train trip to Glacier Park, and it would have been really nice to have one of these guys around just for freshening up.